We are three months away from the November 13th concert. Stephanie Anne Boyd and Ivan Alexander Moscotta recently finished their pieces for flute and piano (“Imogen” and “Sonata” respectively), and as rehearsals schedules form and as composer/performer communications commence, anticipation is building for the opening of our first season.

We would also like to introduce a new composer who will be featured on our November concert. Due to a scheduling conflict, we will unfortunately no longer be able to perform Lydia Winsor Brindamour’s piece. Boston-based composer John McDonald’s cello solo “Music for Big Bees, Only Louder” will be programmed in its place.

John McDonald is a Professor of Music and Department Chair at Tuft’s University in Boston, and is highly acclaimed and active as both composer and pianist.

To read more about John McDonald, click here to be taken to his biography.

To read about Stephanie Anne Boyd’s piece, “Imogen”, click here.