Niemeyer_headshot2Ty Niemeyer is a composer and percussionist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. He writes music that is lyrical, delicate, and spacious. Hear his latest piece, come again premiered by violinist Jack Bogard at our April 5 Solo Soundbox concert in collaboration with Chase Public.

CSB: Could you tell us a little about your work as a composer and percussionist?

TN: My music often explores lyricism, delicate timbres, and sparse textures in search of spiritual expression. This season, I was appointed Principal Timpanist of the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra, and I continue to be an enthusiastic new music performer and advocate.

CSB: What is the background to your piece for this concert, come again?

TN: come again is about memory—the feeling of returning to a place you once knew, but it’s not how you remembered it. Perhaps it has changed, perhaps you have. But as time passes, the reality of our memories is lost to us.

CSB: How have you seen the new music scene in Cincinnati change over time?

TN: I’m really delighted to see how the new music scene has blossomed over the years I’ve been a part of it; there are some really great personalities spearheading interesting projects and making wonderful art.

CSB: What are some of the upcoming projects and performances on your radar?

CSB: April is a particularly active month for me, as the CIM Percussion Ensemble is playing my work karma at the end of the month, and I’ll be premiering a new solo timpani piece a day before. In addition, I’m playing Berio’s Circles a number of times throughout the month.